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The cost control below high quality premise is artistic
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Meal management is an art, and the fountainhead that the control of meal cost regards this as door art, it is to do well the serious content that hotel meal manages, to controlling this art appears more important. General manager of 3 cups of restaurant Ms. Yang Shouyun is in gold control cost in the job with the service quality stands side by side put in the first place. She says " since we want to regard the client as,treat like oneself family member, so if do not go controlling cost, the dish of the service that how reflect high quality again and high quality is tasted, and Where is reasonable consumptive price? " so, she thinks from beginning to end, "Want client presence, the control that must pay good meal cost " .

So the control gift that how makes good meal cost has effective meal government, 3 cups of wineshop are in gold the way that takes in practice is:

Above all, build the standard regulations of meal cost.

When making cost control regulations, it is the link program of affirmatory cost above all, the action that decides every link is unified again, time, appliance, include accident, ask temporarily dissolve means, method to wait. 3 cups of wineshop are in gold on link program, the particular way of departmental door has:

Collect for the ministry -- requirement all directions examines goods, this branch must go 3 times every week the market undertakes survey.

Meal ministry -- have check every months to tableware, loss rate must be in 0.3% less than.

Administrative department -- have comparative value to running stores, for instance toilet, choose napkin and abandan short-haired pelt towel, reduced cost already, let a guest be at ease again.

The example of above explains, the task of administrator is carry out and control regulations, should have caught each to cover the weak point between regulations particularly, will integrate each cost work with standard regulations, make thereby achieve standardization of cost standardization, post and working program to change, seriation.

Next, make specific meal cost control a medium.

The method is controlled to go up in meal cost, gold the practice of general manager of 3 cups of restaurant Ms. Yang Shouyun is: Control, spot is controlled and feedback beforehand control. Pass 3 kinds of control, reach the highest state on management, what always think of in the heart namely is a client, real practice is service concept of the center with the client.

The 3rd, define the goal of restaurant cost cost.

The target of cost of affirmatory restaurant cost is gold undertakes restaurant management by objectives 3 cups, raise the basic approach of economic benefits.

Main show is the action of restaurant cost cost: It is to manage expend compensatory measure; It is to examine the main index of hotel work quality; It is the basis of firm rate.

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