Fill of international big public house does not have blank of 5 stars hotel
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Be located in upper bay bank east promote city to capture area of economy of Guangxi north bay to rise closely the burgeoning good luck that is national strategy, devote oneself to to improve investment to develop an environment, attracted large quantities of one travelling merchant to come round to invest development. Was in city of the harbor that prevent a city on January 27 highway of Dong Xingdong alliance east paragraph the Dong Xingji of start working is along international big public house in tight construction. This is this city another significant gain of capital attraction.

Dong Xingji designs a standard to be 5 stars class along international big public house, 23 tall, program floor area is close 30 thousand square metre, cover an area of a face to accumulate 120 mus, the plan always invests 150 million yuan of RMBs, it is market takes, live, travel, buy wait for a function at an organic whole, and collect grace, simple, exalted the hotel of 5 stars class at a suit. It is reported, hotel by city of the harbor that prevent a city its invest build along trade limited company, this company shares employee now 700 much people, annual turn over to the higher authorities exceeds many yuan of 3000 RMB to the taxation of local government, its are had to shed hotel of limited company, its edge to wait for subsidiary of much home backbone along content of mining industry limited company, its edge below the banner.

The start working of the hotel is built, fill east the blank that promotes city to do not have hotel of 5 stars class, to increasing this municipality further travel serves the integral level of course of study and function of hotel business affairs, perfect urban function, promote a city grade, prosperous city economy, drive this city the progress of tertiary industy will produce tremendous stimulative effect, also recieve for this city east high official of alliance each country, discrepancy condition travel will create a condition before attracting more domestic and international tourist.

The hotel chooses to be in east the settle that start city, basically be to value city of the harbor that prevent a city east promote the distinctive area that has coastal edge side advantage, and good investment develops weak environment. 2007, city is promoted to send brandish and Vietnam awn downtown streets adequately east of one river lie between, the area that one bridge is linked together advantage, devote oneself to to straighten reach normative travel to run system, accelerate area of scene of travel tourist attraction to build pace, the harmony that promoted whole town tourism effectively, continuously, fast, healthy progress. Annual east promote number of port discrepancy condition to amount to 370 much person-time, already became one of port with maximum number of condition of our country discrepancy; Annual welcomes a visitor in all 1.097 million person-time, grow 16.92% , travel gross earnings 354 million yuan, grow 8.16% . In addition, while this city is strengthening infrastructure construction and function of perfect city service, build hard " heavy business, take business, close business, bring business, rich business " atmosphere, made the start working of a batch of projects build, the fast health that promoted society of whole city economy thereby develops.
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