Royal Jin Dianjin is stationed in benefit city to roll out hotel series
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A few days ago, the reporter lives in know from royal Jin Dian, house of royal Home Jin Dian will be garrisoned in March benefit city, be in south the store of the first flagship that 3 annulus open its home. Limited company of art of standard of royal gold of city of the state that occupy benefit designs chief inspector introduction, this inn covers an area of an area to be 3500 square metre about, give priority to with furniture, still decorate those who have this group to act the role of at the same time article, brushwork. The single brand with benefit the biggest city will be become to sell after this store start business.

Adamantine course of the high end in going

As we have learned, from at present consumptive demand looks, furniture market of China appears structural sex is maladjusted situation. On one hand in cheap product is overmuch, it is on the other hand those who have certain and additional value is medium high-grade furniture cannot satisfy the consumptive demand that increases increasingly. For this, limited company of art of royal gold standard develops face of tripartite of characteristic of trend, oneself and market competition state to think integratedly from consumption, search those who suit royal Jin Dianfa to exhibit " long board " , borrow situation and for, find for royal Jin Dian " do quickly big " the road of development.

Royal Jin Dian lives in concerned controller to express, "Royal and royal and contemporary, royal parvenu, classical, royal to honour " the brunt product that will be royal Jin Dian, plus introduce advanced technology and device, severe accuse product quality, with case of high quality, high price, kept away from the price between the person of the same trade and product competition, adamantine course of the high end in going.

1 million yuan of treasure that press down inn do not sell

According to introducing, high end of this company fixed position, "Artistic still at the life " it is its concept. The product below the banner basically has 4 series: Royal and royal and contemporary, royal parvenu, classical and royal to honour, the product uses classy lumber to make entirely, respectively advocate hit high end and luxury.

Express according to concerning chief, royal Jin Dian will make benefit state furniture of top class luxury, and a surveyor's pole can be erected in benefit city. Among them, a furniture of series of grade easy age will achieve 1 million yuan, furniture of combination of a sitting room is about 400 thousand yuan. It is reported, set up shop when, royal Jin Dian sells benefit city field general placing easy age of a grade is a rare furniture, value will amount to millions. This furniture makes the treasure that presses down inn only, won't sell.

Royal Jin Dian designs chief inspector to express, the furniture of high additional cost although the price is high, but because have very good appreciation value and collect value, as rare wood decrease, appreciate potential is the greatest. At present the investment channel such as stock market fund and building city already cannot beforehand appraise changes, invest rare wood series, also be investment is gotten the biggest appreciate the means of profit.
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