Zhejiang leaves gave first LOFT to jump layer type hotel
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On March 28, hotel of business affairs of characteristic of LOFT of Zhejiang head home opens business in Xiao Shan. "51 fashion public house " 96 flatlet are the LOFT pattern guest room that jumps a layer up and down entirely, such hotel, be in at present provincial it is the first, all over the world very scarce also.


One word of LOFT, not unfamiliar to a lot of people, but the precise meaning that should ask it, it is to be born at area of new York SOHO at first, "Be transformed by old plant or old warehouse and become, rare inside what the wall cuts off is tall carry open space " .

Nowadays, LOFT concept had bigger outspread, the business with the lofty and tall, capacious high level of 5 meters of above lives the space can call LOFT.

An Qixuan is small grow to come today Hangzhou pat new piece

The first say even if here

Last month, " appearance of male talented woman 2 " the play staff comes to Hangzhou film, play of this green idol, because have two Korean gas star,be joined and particularly conspicuous, one is An Qixuan, another is to act " small long today " Zhao Zhenen.

At that time, the play staff is chosen in full Hangzhou city scene, be badly in need of a fashionable freedom the grand opera that delicate space will come to pat hero to propose. Hear have so hotel of a characteristic is decorated end, making the final preparation before practice, whole play staff is killed came over.

An Qixuan enters a public house, laugh first, assistant says even if here. Propose the restaurant of shallow drunk lane that play puts upstair films, glazing of rice white desk and chair, tassel, mirror, be born, the hall get sth done without any letup of cigar room, transparent glass public house, 200 many seats.

"It is the Spring Festival a day before, the play staff of 449 people at a draught afflux hall of 2 buildings Chinese meal, move move carry carry, each are busy each, " happy young lady of manager of department of hotel public relations thinks back to the occasion at that time, feel the number is exceeded predict, "Still follow come many 30 filmgoer, on the meadow that stands outside be born glazing completely, raise one's head and look looks inside past hotel. Raise one's head and look looks inside past hotel..

Leading role of male and female begins to talk about marriage talking to marry, heroine says, if want to marry, how how. An Qixuan is inclined on the strip sofa that leans in mensal chair jian hou mian, the appearance of 跩 跩. Play is patted quite suitably, still added 45 camera lens temporarily. After knock off, by assistant for company, in installing 7 dazzle to carry corridor endmost balcony, chose the course such as emperor of chicken of 1000 islands preserve one's health, feral pomfret.

Visit public house of first characteristic business affairs completely

Guest room is to jump a layer completely
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