Zhongshan city east area terrain lifts a hotel to invest heat
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Zhongshan city east area terrain lifts a hotel to invest heat

Attentive city witenagemot discovers, come nearly 3 years, east the of all kinds public house that area Zhongshan road, path removing a bay reachs the crossed area that collect, like emerge " risk " come out. Division agency thinks about the personage east, of Zhongshan economy society carry in the round fast, of center of politics, culture east move, be in especially east the area makes the area of central business affairs with central only the city zone (CBD) comes on stage decision-makingly, be east the area was lifted new the dynamical source of upsurge of construction of round of hotel.

■ the hotel is contended for eat CBD cake

2007, be in according to municipal government east the decision that the area establishs CBD, area and city started the program of this project about the branch east, each businessman is immediately respond to a news already, east the core of area CBD -- , Zhongshan road and remove what the bay to hand in collect the focus that be in is contention more.

Division agency expresses about chief east, develop as industry and " office building economy " industry of form a complete set, hotel service line of business is in east the gold opportunity that the area welcomed flying development period. In fact, the area is being lifted east new the upsurge that round of hotel invests and builds, astral class hotel, business affairs hotel, economy hotel grabs a beach to land in succession, cent is fed east cake of area CBD commerce. The big public house of lira of sweet squares formed by crossed lines of 5 stars class besides the practice 3 years ago, business affairs of field of golf of the Yangtse River, Cheng Jing, collect spring, Mo Tai 168 wait for a hotel in succession practice. A section of a highway waits in road of Dong Yulu, sports, a batch of economy hotel, hotel also builds recently do business.

This kind of hotel invests and the upsurge of construction still is continueing. On January 28, the public house of suitable scene garden that builds by level of 4 stars grade tries do business, mountain villa of sages and men of virtue is recreational can be expected soon of meeting place practice, capital hotel piece the area is undertaking upgrading rebuilding, draft build hotels of two 48 5 stars class and office building.

■ east area CBD will show sign of Zhongshan new ground

Where is the urban land mark of Zhongshan? This mystery group can reveal truth very quickly -- , east the core division of area CBD will show sign of Zhongshan new ground.

Zhongshan daily edifice is compared to be future east of area CBD " the centre of a circle " , the station is in this " the centre of a circle " scan widely looks, a workshop opposite side is the closest by raze to the ground, hep personage discloses: This " geomantic treasure ground " unplug the skyscraper that has two above with around area the ground and case, form mark of Zhongshan city new ground. These two plan to be layer and 68 42 high-rise respectively, will build course of a 5 stars hotel and a certain number of hotel type apartment, office building.
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