Prices continue to rise in the price this year Fuzhou hotel for a Christmas din
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Reporter yesterday learned from a number of star hotels in Fuzhou, there are companies began asking the site for three days cost of Christmas, merchants generally optimistic about the popularity of Christmas Eve dinner. But this year prices continue to rise in the price, most hotels offer a slight increase year on year, or about one percent. It is understood that, in addition to Shangri-La dinner price was essentially flat last year, but now most of the hotel's Christmas dinner prices are slightly higher. Such as the Golden Resources Hotel Christmas buffet tickets your child has more than doubled from the original 168 yuan / person up to the present 388 yuan / person; Jin Days Inn hotels are buffet offer is 299 yuan this year, and last year was 259 yuan, 40 yuan more expensive too. "As raw material prices, the price of Christmas dinner this year will be a slight increase in general, many hotels rose one percent or so." According to Jin Days Hotel & Restaurant Reservations are introduced. Christmas is an annual major hotels compete for a piece of cake, the reporter part of the hotel from the Fuzhou feedback situation, companies "buy" Christmas dinner is to support the mainstream of the hotel. According to industry insiders, Christmas dinner has become popular in many business activities, public relations preferred. Christmas dinner, some companies pay for the multi-enterprise units, or simply a private use dozens of tickets, took the opportunity to entertain clients. "Tickets were 90% for socializing, so the banquet is not afraid of high prices did not sell the market again."