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South District, Yancheng has now become the hands of the "meat and potatoes", whether investors or people have to buy a house on the coveted, South District, by definition the land in the south of Yancheng, 5 years ago, this is a plate of salt ditch Yancheng the South, the opening of the BRT is now the southern-most city to the farther, but will also further South near it. Southern District of Yancheng City, as close to the railway station and the east of the new passenger terminal, a large number of residential clusters west, north and south city is relying on - the old town. With the administrative and cultural center of the south, not only for the Southern District to provide a solid basis for the development, but also urban planning and development of the South more feasible rather than on paper. Hot index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Hot Keywords: Small apartment hotel Regional performance: a real estate investment hot spot for the Southern District In 2003, just south of the city when the infancy stage, a large number of foreign developers leveraging the real estate development market of Yancheng, Yancheng it attracted the eyes of the public, while driving the development of the south. South City's real estate projects are now more active, Landmark Landmark financial record, Courier International, the country strong and home buyers, Jin million home, South Africa real estate, Golden Eagle heaven and earth, gold Waugh, in G, Xin are a large number of real estate developers in this land on the building's premier real estate, these developers will play Southern District of the city's most important operations the first and most essential role. Previously, leaders of Garden and sun in the Royal Park has been played in public brand. Today, Park Road One, the earth Ming Ju, South Century City, Phoenix sinks in G Hyde Park, Glorious City Heights, Heng Rong family, mansion Greentown and residence have also been eager OPP. It seems that the building style of elegant, high-end fashion leisure club, quite popular on the street, make a tape race settled in the Southern District of Yancheng hot real estate sector. Regional Advantage: Green for the soul to the water for the soul Demonstrates the construction of the Southern District as the spirit of green, with water as the soul of the design concept to enhance and improve the living environment for the ultimate goal. Given this idea, the Inner Harbor Lake Park, Salt Tong River Park, built to this land full of vigor, so that construction, river landscape and water blend to form a "new and special", "green water" of the city's new center, a modern civilization and the waterfront ecological characteristics of phase embraced the new city. Urban south, the value of surge Administrative and cultural center moved southward from the old city, which shows the importance the Government of the plate, so that the advantages of the South City more centralized, urban development for the South to provide a solid foundation, the city will benefit from the instruction here, South become a veritable urban core area, but also further consolidate the strategic position of the South City, Southern District of the value of the status of leaps and bounds. Assigned to the broader market and enhance business content European-style street, Lagerstroemia International Plaza plates assigned to Southern District commercial content richer, Radio and TV Tower, sports center, south of the stock and high schools have made significant progress in large projects, the business district of radiation so powerful, so hot on the South City heating, real estate in Yancheng saturated state, the Southern District of a new regional hot spots. Regional limitations: the high-end life support to be mature Although the Southern District has a certain life support, advanced life support but the sound remains to be mature. Southern District of more and more large enterprises tape Jiaru Nan city building, will be the regional population centers, public facilities is still relatively weak, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other facilities of these life needed to be further strengthened. Afternoon conjecture: hotel-style apartment houses a small increase South City will be a real administrative, cultural and commercial center, is the first center of the city's future, as time temper, a set of residential, leisure and entertainment as one of the pages, is bound to lead to quality real estate checkout, and residential products in order to avoid the situation of homogenization, a symbol of the high cost of hotel-style small apartment came into being. The next two years, the Central Century City, has introduced Phoenix Meeting will be a small volume of hotel-style apartments. Meanwhile, with the Southern District of economic development, foreign companies and staff have been increased, not only led to the development of tourism in Yancheng, more importantly, is doubling the demand for apartments. Small apartments will see the hotel property market in Yancheng create a considerable room for development, will become the property of Yancheng a new investment hot spot. Small apartment hotel recommended by the Regional COSCO Century City Project Address: 88 Century Boulevard, Yancheng (Macalline next) Tasting Comment: 5.2 meters high ceiling is the biggest selling point of COSCO century apartment, high ceiling space, equivalent to buy a delivery layer, so that a room changes the two rooms, two baths a health change, multi-layer area to enjoy. Century Apartments Phase I, Phase II launch between 32-55 square meters of housing, the opening day of a deal on the hundreds of sets, which fully reflects the Century City COSCO Yancheng public trust and love, the quality of high-quality real estate shake the entire housing market . Heng Wing family Location: North side of Yancheng Park Vocational Education Tasting Comment: 5.4 meters high ceiling of small apartments, hotel-style challenge higher and more freedom of a small apartment, an area of 40,50,80 meters, the total price of 286,000 yuan / household from. Heng Wing's pre-eminent family in the hinterland of the Southern District, east of the city's north and south with a T-core longitudinal axis of the liberation of South Road, South Point academic flavor of the Vocational Education City, the east west trunk lingering clear, river tributaries running through the park. Century Park area and across the street, a pleasant living environment for the living groups of first choice for real estate buyers.