Live in five-star hotel to be built next toiletries
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By the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the National Standardization Management Commission approved the national standard "division of star hotels and Evaluation" (hereinafter referred to as the "new star") will be January 1, 2011 into effect. New star hotels Level of the new national standards and changes in the highlights? Yesterday, Ctrip interview hotel business experts interpret new national standards for the hotel star several significant changes. Shi Yu 耑 Ctrip said the hotel, the new national standards and the hotel star compared to the previous standards, the hotel is more diversified consumer and small luxury boutique five-star hotels can apply for assessment. New star comfort and a greater emphasis on the importance of guest rooms, the hotel will be positioned as the core room product, new star which is a significant change. For example, the increased room cotton fabric, pillows, bed Pad, temperature and humidity, shading, insulation, hot water tap and other aspects of the specific quality requirements. New star of the hotel to do a mandatory requirement is no longer a one-time items, the future may have to live in five-star hotel comes with toiletries.