Dining-room management manages on the west: Most the Western-style food of In ha
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As the footstep of internationalization, choose of increasing person selected dines together to Western-style food hall or dinner customer, in fact the grease heft that Western-style meat place contains is quite tall, for example corn hoosh or crisp skin hoosh are butter adds flour to had been fried again interfuse is fed material reachs spice place cook and become, the feeling does not give the possibility on the exterior and mouthfeel very fat, but a very big trap is however the person that should reduce weight to aspire.

The problem of salad goes to go up in sauce makings, because salad sauce is by salad oil adds agitate of egg and candy, vinegar to be hit, so the salad sauce of one spoon has the quantity of heat of 135 kilocalorie, if need not put salad sauce lettuce of only pure edible, that quantity of heat can be reduced a lot of. As to the part of biscuit, besides bread of eat bag, garlic, corn, macaroni, yam, potato, cracker it is the staple food with amylaceous highest content kind, in fact the quantity of heat that bag of 2 small eat adds 1/3 root corn to be equal to 1 bowl of plain cooked rice plus 1/4 bowl macaroni, so everybody does not look to these 0 star the food with not much weight treats sth lightly, because eat at the same time,several kinds add up quantity of heat but breathtaking.

The flesh of entree kind one person weight has 5 to come at least 8 ounce, add cook to handle, quantity of heat says less to also 500 come 800 kilocalorie, because this is best to wanting the person that reduce weight,can adopt " 3 go policy " : Flay, go fat, go half. Additional black peppery or the quantity of heat of dawdle also cannot be looked down upon!

The beverage after eat suggests the dot heats up tea, hot coffee, because put black tea, ice on the ice,tea with milk of coffee, ice or fruit juice quantity of heat are compared tall, the fruit heft moderate of Western-style food hall can eat nowadays.