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"China has growing sex to interlink an enterprise most 50 " , " Chinese meal 100 strong directory " , " China is told sincere letter, defend company of contract, heavy quality, example " , Shanghai chain runs board of association director unit member of party of institute of cooking of member, China. The Shanghai open up that limited company of development of food of Shanghai fine grand gathers in cate the cate scope of operation that has distinguishing feature alone.

Innovation is the safeguard that a company grows ahead ceaselessly, zhang Guanjun of president of Jia Hong company is known deeply, jia Hong wants accurate hold the market, create new technology, make new product, lotic in the market with intense competition brave receives gift. The company is after the market research that passes rigor, the flower is gigantic 2005 endowment introduce Hong Kong to explode from Hong Kong bolus of oar Xiang Yu the Conqueror, combine outback taste to undertake perfecting, successful modulation gives the Hong Kong that suits outback masses taste to explode bolus of oar Xiang Yu the Conqueror, make in handed down from the older generations of the family again after orgnaization of as famous as foreign capital scientific research undertakes reforming on the engineering technology that coil, successful development gives the healthy food that complies with contemporary nutrition environmental protection, Hong Kong Zhang Jijin bursa coils. The development of these two new projects and roll out, also show food of Shanghai fine grand develops cate of Jin Meiyu of the grain below limited company banner to interlink an orgnaization to be started formally.

Soup of fresh sweet area

Explode bolus of oar Xiang Yu the Conqueror is brand-new come on stage

Hong Kong, the bethel with fastfood characteristic. Explode the fashionable that bolus of oar Xiang Yu the Conqueror reachs southeast Asia in Hong Kong and Taiwan, let Zhang Guanjun see broader market, Chinese inland. The product is introduced come over, zhang Guanjun does not have rapid move to push it to the market, guided headquarters technician to enter brand-new modulation phase however.

Through a year much technological sophistication is developed, succeed eventually modulation gives the Hong Kong that suits outback taste to explode bolus of oar Xiang Yu the Conqueror. Not only the flesh is qualitative delicious, tender bright of slippery, mouthfeel is fragile, more wonderful is soup of the belt in bolus, the mouth chews beautiful juice 4 splash. Let a person bite, appreciate arrives one bolus the distinctive feeling of two flavour. Explode bolus of oar Xiang Yu the Conqueror has 4 old series, a variety of taste and have a way.

Explode the series such as oar beef bolus, chicken bolus, pork bolus, cruelly oppress bolus deserves to go up full-bodied and full-bodied, be full of the curry flavour of peculiar southern Asia special flavor; Acrimony scent, the mustard flavour of amorous feelings of contain Dong Yang; Faint scent is tangy, the raw ingredient of the five spices of Xian Xianshuang mouth; Sweet hot trenchant, the sweet hot Zi with abiding aftertaste like that flavour, and bright, sweet, hemp, hot, the piquancy of little sweet tingle that 4 flavour are divided and does not stand. (Operator still can have the taste of local characteristic according to the modulation of be fond of of local consumer. ) plus boil, decoct, fry, bake, string, bittern a variety of differring have a way: Big bone white soup boils bolus, lubricious delicacy is delicious, thick and not be bored with, nutrition is rich; Fleshy bolus is strung together, bright sauce is deduced, curry sauce, explode the sauce that bake, salad sauce, sanded tea sauce, ketchup; The bolus that bake is sweet fragile, everybody loves, cortical and golden crisp, inside the flesh is fresh and tender, mouthfeel bright is fragile; Characteristic bittern bolus, hear sweet covet, colour and lustre is sleek, fleshy little taste is pure.
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