How the panic that food safety caused look upon 2006
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2006, once caused worldwide inside the Sudan of food recall mad tide is red, acted safe incident leading role again, sudan red first time appears in Chinese public eye shot, back-to-back write a census inside countrywide limits to begin. The country pledges check total bureau announces very quickly, be opposite the discovery after 18 province, city of countrywide, area may contain the food with red Sudan to spread out special inspection, 88 kinds of food that produce a business and 30 additive contain Sudan red. "Experience is red " disturbance also lets Chinese public begin to be used to the food safety incident with large be involved in.

However, people expects very hard, just be familiar with the common China pedlar with red Sudan, can deduce quickly 2006 " hearts egg " incident. Compare with the disturbance photograph a year ago, "Hearts egg " incident had complete Chinese distinguishing feature: Chemically material creates false intermediate small retailer, raise duck to come loose for what interest of one wool cash cooperates absently door, lack superintendency sale channel. "Sudan is red " very fast like any other and illegal additive, mere for commodity " sell well " , heavy retype hit an industry.

Egg duck's egg " experience is red " disturbance has not ended, much treasure fish is taken again " malachite is green " news comes. This kind takes the green crystallization put oneself in another's position of metallic burnish, dissolve is shown after water glaucous. It is dye of a kind of chemical industry, have remain tall mildew element, high and cause cancer, cause the side effect such as abnormal, our country uses article at labelling its aquiculture to ban 2002. Because fish produces collision easily in carry, cause scale to fall off and cause piscine body fungus to affect, often appear the phenomenon such as mildew and rot, death, just of peacock a green pigment made of malachite can treat these fish to collide. Begin by much treasure fish then, of numerous fish " the incident that take drug " the food that caused people again is panicky.

Do those elements control food safety?

It is the safe consciousness that the public raises with each passing day on one hand, it is the hidden trouble that food industry high speed develops on one hand. 2006 the common people of the be in a state of anxiety in series food crisis, also begin to examine more and more rationally: The health of food industry develops, what are we short of after all?

Many media mention what circulate on the net this year " Chinese life of a day " card, described the disturbed ─ ─ with Chinese safe to food common people to get up to send cancerous toothpaste to brush one's teeth with Gao Loujie in the morning, exceed the nest milk powder of mark to a bottle of iodine to the son, oneself are drunk cup expire milk (milk returns factory treatment to sell) again, take the steamed bread that a few flour exceeding bid make, clip nods the hot pickled mustard tuber that bloats inside smelly cistern. Eat to Kendeji together with the colleague midday " Sudan is red " fried chicken. Call to the friend afternoon, make an appointment with her to take the course that suddenly channel oil fries to new-blown food shop, the beer that drinks a dot to contain formaldehyde again... exhort in the evening the rice that wife did not forget to do mix into to enter white wax oily rice, the cole of golden China ham that a DDVP bubble crosses redo.
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