Christmas Western-style food
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How had you planned to schedule this grand west red-letter day? Eat rich Christmas big food? Attend warm Christmas manner and air to be opposite?

The Christmas is the western country is the royalest festival in a year, can place on a par with New Year, similar China crosses the Spring Festival. So is our Christmas big eat choice Western-style food or Chinese meal? I think you are in for certain hesitant and incessant, although Chinese meal is the cate with accepted all over the world, but Western-style food suits the Christmas very much this atmosphere, nevertheless Western-style food is contained very high quantity of heat and adipose, do not suit a girl to carry slim figure not only, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel and malignant tumor easily still. I teach you the atmosphere that both neither of a few action destroys the Christmas now, healthy Western-style food has a way.

1. does not want to be puzzled by menu place: But blast of the decoct in Western-style food comes with butter cook, even if those who bake is possible also it is with various sauce makings or butter are baked, ask a service the cookery of lettuce color directly so.

Whether can 2. requirement use baked cook means and do not add any sauce makings.

3. vegetable asks dining-room to use steam or the kind that water cooks, can maintain nutrition not prediction of a person's luck in a given year also need not add oil.

4. replaces salad sauce with actorring or actress case or vinegar come.

Unripe oyster of 5. optional choose, unripe feed seafood and vegetable fruit to regard as appetizing dish, the food that avoids sauce of the liver that nod goose, caviar blast and tall adipose cole.

6. choosing vegetable boiling water is better than hoosh.

Bread of garlic of 7. unfavorable edible.

The optional potato that bake adds 8. staple food actor case replaces butter.

The optional seafood that bake, chicken comes to 9. entree replace beefsteak.

10. tea or coffee are unfavorable impose fine of candy, grandma, but can choose acting candy and bright grandma.

Need not hesitate now, begin your romantic Christmas program at once!