Open what bottle expends to contend for pattern of profit of deformation of crue
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Although by Beijing collection of one wine shop the consumer of 100 yuan of cost opening bottle is hit smoothly won lawsuit, the court adjudicates wine shop is returned return consumer so called cost opening bottle, but this one incident is merely to the influence of whole meal course of study begin, one is affected to meal course of study extensive and far-reaching controversy is below the interaction that businessman and consumer contradict one pair this upgrade quickly.

Newest message is, association of trade of Western-style food of guild of food of association of cooking of Beijing of Chinese cooking association, Beijing, Beijing in all association of 4 big food holds an informal discussion, force is held out " cost opening bottle " , plan Department of Commerce of submit a written statement to a higher authority, and businessman attending the meeting expresses to hold to in succession " decline to carry wine water oneself " , and consumer society expresses, whether to take the free option that wine water is consumer oneself, not allow to the businessman is interfered and strip.

In fact, since association of Chinese travel restaurant was made in May 2003 promulgate " China

Standard of travel hotel industry " in put forward " restaurant can decline the guest enters the place such as dining-room to enjoy from the water that take wine and food " after article, "Decline to carry wine water oneself " already from meal course of study go the guild regulations that regular development makes whole trade, and consumer also is to bear to this long already, accordingly, if litigation of this accidental fee opening bottle causes whole meal course of study and consumer, language conflict also is existing inevitability.

Pointing out like a few a man of insight in that way, consumer is fond of carry wine water oneself, the wine water sale that primary reason depends on restaurant is occurring sudden huge profits, it is a kind of tall to theory of price of restaurant wine water boycott and revolt from the water that take wine, do not have a difference like price of water of wine shop wine and market price case or the difference is not big, both sides can produce any contradiction far from on this one problem. Apparent, businessman of meal course of study is right " cost opening bottle " do one's utmost the purpose of beefeater is right " wine water sudden huge profits " the maintenance of this kind of vested interest.

Look in businessmen, if allow consumer to take wine water to extend repast time with respect to meeting generation oneself, take up the repast position, frequency that makes wine shop reverses a stand decreases and accelerate wine to have the appearance such as loss, land of this very can old rate raises the management cost of the hotel, even still a kind of viewpoint thinks, decline to be mixed from the water that take wine add receive bottle of Fei Zhiju to be conform with international convention.
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