Restaurant start business prepares knowledge
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One, environment of target market geography 1, market geography characteristic: The landforms of area, political area, urban heartland. 2, characteristic of market climate clime: The dietary habit of climate condition and consumer is having great and potential concern. 2, market of target of industry environment analysis is main economic norms: 1, the enterprise is in the market in those days gross domestic product, and the data of calendar year. 2, the investment state of this market. 3, the data that affects bigger travel field to meal market, the tourist amount that be recieved one year especially, and it is to show development trend or decline trend. 4,

Average per capita of local town dweller can control income, whole city worker is average salary, provide the income proportion that meal consumes, regard dining-room as the referenced basis of the price. 5, whole town vital statistics amount, include to be not agricultural population and agricultural population amount, the consumption level of the volume that measures with the passenger flow that will forecast dining-room and this ground dweller and consumptive ability. 6, consumer gets educational rate. 7, habit of preference of consumer way of life, food. 8, consumer per capita. Industrial environment: 1, business is thriving circumstance. 2, commercialized trend and latent capacity. 3, local government privilege, give aid to policy, include the policy case such as fire control, public security, culture, industrial and commercial, epidemic prevention. Social environment: 1, local custom habit. 2, historical culture. 3, ethical structure. 4, international interacts, production of main provision raw material is current. 3, the market analyses 1, economic norms: Local meal enterprise manages state, actual strength to arrange; Form of system of ownership reachs the proportion that holds; Business site amount; From amount of personnel of course of study. 2, the current situation of meal already battalion that branch place chooses the market: Industry measure and competitive ability (whether to already form dimensions to compete? ) ; Management level discretion; Management class discretion; Dish ties a place. 3, competitor analysis: Current situation of A, traditional competitor: Statistic of income of level of amount, outstanding achievement, turnover, profit is analysed; Successful reason: Is level of management advanced? Is the service first-class? Is social ambient conditions advantageous? Unsuccessful reason: Does dish taste a problem? Moving mechanism breakdown? Advantage of B, traditional competitor: Traditional advantage; Operation advantage; Positional dominant position; Advocate hit dish to savor a dominant position. Operator of burgeoning and C, high-grade meal: Manage why is planting dish? Is dish orientaton? Civilian change, the noble is changed etc. Via battalion a sector of an area: Which one area, paragraph, the style characteristic that decorate and choose adornment thing. Management state: The number of turnover, business profit, repast, number that order meal. Operation: The area of inn, can contain guest amount. Cloth of integral of the face inside hall. 4, consumer analysis: Preference of food of be fond of of habit of food of consumer of A, this market, taste, choice. The consumptive characteristic of consumer of B, this market, include the consumptive consciousness of consumer, whether to like dining-room repast, the consumptive scale of individual or family than Chengdu how, the discretion of consumption level. Consumer of market of C, target classifies: Government, legionary, enterprise, family is consumed (contain marriage banquet) , tourist. 5, the advantage in this ground set up shop is politic: Competitive strategy: The market is optimal cut a point; Sale strategy: Conduct propaganda and client are agreed with; Breed client preference; Establish frequenter network relationship. Optional location optimizes plan to explain A, government tears open change risk to be on guard 1, the attention is building, street tear open change and rebuild, avoid blind mount a horse to build store. 2, position of affirmatory wine shop is sure to seek advice to local government sector and obtain a government written consent. 3, avoid to be in a sector of an area of property right controversy builds store. 4, all card are illuminated must all ready and formalities of be good law, policy. Situation of trade of B, this locality: The attention is collected and evaluate the relevant data that business grows quickly all round wine shop, make objective and accurate evaluate. Property of C, competition evaluates: 1, the dining room that provides congener food food to taste a service may cause direct malign competition. 2, build inn business initial stage to avoid direct competition. D, dimensions and exterior: 1, parking lot and other facilities should give sufficient scale the size. 2, dining-room with square or rectangle best, other unless the space is large, cannot take. 3, the acceptability ability that should consider prospective consumer. E, price: 1, evaluate integratedly what notice to consider potential value and real value. 2, no matter downtown or outskirts of a city, the key sees magnitude of scope of strength of consumptive resident, flow. 3, consideration price rises to whether be thrown to doing business, yield produce bigger effect. F, the sources of energy supplies: 1, all optional location must be had " 3 are made the same score " standard, namely water, report, gas 3. 2, the quality of water. 3, the attention makes economic accounting. G, street with traffic: 1, whether be dweller community street? 2, whether be business street passageway? 3, street whether convenience car is passed back and forth and berth car? 4, whether be attracted and does convenience tourist come repast?
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