Character of soul of meal course of study is multivariate administrative innovat
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The person needs those who rely on cerebrum to control will conduct the body activity such as limb and facial features, " do not have a head " fellow, can be thought to work defective direction, just be like " blind head fly " everywhere rampage chaos bumps, become power to be able to be reduced greatly. The ─ of incorporeal character ─ that meal course of study needs to rely on it likewise " meal chief inspector " leader, departmental door just is able to coordinate each other and cooperate, run ability to achieve free to arrange, the plan also is able to come true.

Hero of incorporeal character behind the curtain

To the caller that has visited port city of Macao fishing person, perhaps already experience crosses it much appearance eats colorfully, drink, play, happy, consumption, recreation and the diversity establishment of shopping unifinication, kept good memory.

Be in however inside dock of Macao fishing person in brand of numerous meal inn 舖, have stand of a few it may be said bright, with distinctive dietary color your client leaves deep impression. Be in so the backside of vivid colors, be by " meal chief inspector " Liu Huiping plans as a whole single-handed

Administrative follower in all of 9 dining-room run in the round, it is backstage the oldest hero.

Contend for for the Chinese at a heat

Issue travel to serve course of study to groom in administer of bureau of Hong Kong vocational training formerly the Liu benefit of the member that with China hutch art institute holds the post of meal to always be taught makes the same score development center, be betted to counterpoise by Macao open, introduce foreign capital and invest the gambling house plan of build, caused his attention to Macao. " about two years many before, soon the economy of Macao grows, more and more foreign capital intervene, have step by step move upon " swallow 併 " the situation of Macao. However Macao besides bet beyond, whether to have other? " this one idea passes in brain syncopation suddenly. Liu Hui Pingyi narrates: " the development rate that observes Macao from inside travel information at that time is very rapid, cooperate in governmental policy and below the investment development of this locality businessman, dock of Macao fishing person be about to completion is enabled, just fill the market that Macao lacked thematic park is blank, and it is by Macao the person makes commercial investment, this child can contend for for the Chinese time at a heat, accordingly resolutely the procession that joined dock of Macao fishing person, for Macao travel serves course of study to give one component of force. "

All gets meal take charge of department or locality

The travel of the thematic park pattern that Liu Huiping shows to dock of Macao fishing person is a new development reachs recreational project, since from 2006 new year's day tries line of business, everything is by 0 begin, after all passenger and citizen are right each service is mixed inside garden consumptive acceptance degree has why to react, it is completely " rely on appraise " , but everything is with qualitative element and service first. The acceptance besides consumer besides degree, another difficult problem is Macao manpower market is supplied strange be short of. Pressing the development of the company to plan meal inn 舖 is to open more more, but hand fails to satisfy real need from beginning to end, and the biggest conference inside dock of Macao fishing person extends central meal service, with respect to need 40 much people come those who maintain a kitchen run, very not allow Yi Caidong 併 collect assembles hand on the west manufacture do well, under the make concerted efforts that works in the same place in departmental door, had done more successfully to recieve at most 3, a banquet of 000 much people, establish good public praise in meal course of study gradually.
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