Meal becomes heat after TMT mad join meal line of business
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The person that there is the venture capital investment of 85% previously likes to level TMT field, but the person that there is the venture capital investment of 80% aboves about now began to change the look to other sphere, having among them was to change new-style tradition to the enterprise partly quite, meal course of study is typical delegate. " when Qian Xuejie of vice-president of Chinese manage capital accepts reporter special report, express

"The person need not talk love, person need not recreation, person need not read a book, but the person need not not have a meal absolutely! But the person need not not have a meal absolutely!!

This is the ad saying of doorway of a chophouse, straight however white ground spoke a truth, having even more the China of 1.3 billion population, the basiccest consumptive employment state has safeguard most, even if everybody casts a yuan of money to be used at meal consumption, its cardinal number is quite massive also.

The person that have market olfactory venture capital investment most people experienced this naturally. After Chinese Internet passed bubble period, the view that wind delivers already from TMT(science and technology, media, telecommunication) the domain turns to new-style tradition to consume a domain, among them, meal course of study suffers especially chase after hold in both hands.

After meal enterprise dimensions is changed, seek appear on the market

According to " Chinese meal market considered to report 2006 " show, turnover of course of study of meal of our country annual realized eight hundred and eighty-eight billion six hundred and eighty million yuan 2005, predict annual surmounted 900 billion yuan 2006, hopeful breakthrough closes 1 trillion yuan greatly. In last few years, of Chinese meal turnover increase by degrees lead those who submit two digit word to grow steadily.

In so good progress impetus falls, sheep of small fat sheep, small remaining part, one tea sits, the company of of all kinds meal such as country of leopard buffet, Xiaona founds in succession and rapid dilate.

One tea of Shanghai sits Mr Lin tells concerned chief of meal limited company " daily of the first finance and economics " , one tea sits to share inn of 30 much doors in the mainland at present, join in among them inn 6, the plan went to dilate of door inn amount 80 2007, achieve 120 to 2008. "Be in the near future, we still opened store of external door of the first sea in Japanese Tokyo, we hope the domain dilate that can take one tea reachs Euramerican area. " then one tea sits to still publish investment storybook of a series of music special, theme the product such as book, cooperate one tea to sit the brand plays culture sale card.

The small fat sheep that is characteristic in order to manage chaffy dish owns store of many 700 chain, in November 2003, small fat sheep opened the first abroad branch in American los angeles city, had in element in June 2004 " cate heaven " the special zone of Chinese Hong Kong that say leaves went out " small fat sheep " , in October 2005, inn of the first straight battalion is in its North America Canadian Toronto comes out.
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