The freeway serves an area to want to strengthen meal management
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Connect as the whole nation of the freeway and the addition of wagon flow, content shedding, stream of people, each service of the freeway also should cause the height of controller to take seriously. Liaoning saves An Zhongxian of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to submit proposal yesterday, the appeal strengthens a freeway to serve area meal to serve government, increase the superintendency of service division and blow strength, establish inform against a phone, accept people at any time supervise inform against.

An Zhongxian says, the Dou Yingjiang such as the meal service of the freeway, merchandise service, property service changes a service consciousness, strengthen superintend and normative behavior, the sanitation management of meal course of study is strengthened urgently, especially the normative disinfection of the sanitation management of the kitchen, tableware does not reach the designated position, transmit popularity by what at present the current situation causes infection very easily, cause a harm to the health of body and mind of people; Because collect fees,additionally sudden huge profits of unreasonable, seek mixes the price put in fraudulent action, each

Meal serves an area to be in the weak point that nobody superintend, pass by drives person and masses are not satisfactory. To drive the person is mixed the health of numerous people is safe, an Zhongxian suggests to strengthen a freeway to serve the meal government of the area, normative and wholesome behavior, the wholesome common sense that increases service staff, contagion prevents common sense and legal consciousness.