Characteristic cafeteria meal: Does fleeing workshop on purpose become warped Ya
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"Clever bridge in all company big dining room " , " flavour all corners of the country " , " notional China dish " ... the cafeteria of a few of all kinds characteristic that nod to sell with fashionable element are unusually hot recently, the distinctive appearance that makes market of meal of city of another name for Ningbo -- ,

Walk into street of characteristic of meal of road of day child north to go up " clever bridge in all company big dining room " , as if the communal big dining room before returning more than 40 years: Plain log desk and chair, blue bricks build by laying bricks or stones the burnt old newspaper on the wall, hanging old photograph, the flood crock inside inn hall and stone mill, wear the clerk of grass green military uniform, " south slimy bay " background music, sending one's respects to sound repeatedly is kind " comrade, hello " . So one has nostalgic interest quite, have bit of land even

Meal inn, appear on a many month merely, already became the delegate of meal of vogue of city of another name for Ningbo, business flourishing must make those famous meal hotels a little dim even blank.

In fact, the cafeteria of a few of all kinds characteristic that nod to sell with fashionable element are the closest all very hot, this becomes a market of meal of city of another name for Ningbo is latter distinctive appearance and popular topic even.

Fashionable of kind of meal arisen the change that consumes an idea with people meal is having close connection. To solving the average consumer of problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill already for, eat since consumption of a kind of meal, also be consumption of a kind of culture, should eat fully not only, eat well, eat so that have distinguishing feature even, there is the aftertaste after eating. "Civilian it is a day in order to feed " , the diversification demand that common people consumes to meal makes meal becomes to be begged quickly request the trade that change newly. In recent years, the market of Ning Bo meal that dish department enters ground of substandard of dish of dish of plain dish, Hunan dish, another name for Guangdong Province, current state dish, Hangzhou side dish, another name for Jiangxi Province, northeast dish, rash dish to be traditional characteristic with seafood in succession. Although after many twists and turns, but also get each coquettish, the taste characteristic confused of market of meal of wave letting peace is shown.

On the other hand, of the sale shift of meal, dish pack, form of repast environment, service also forward the way that vogue changes develops, in an attempt to lets shopper eye shine. If one is the cafeteria of characteristic with the knight-errant, clerk all is worn little forest, fierce is become, the attire of Wu Lin school such as high mountain eyebrow, there are 18 kinds of engineries inside inn hall, the name that join course is " fall dragon 18 palms " , " Bai Maxiao west wind " the noun in such knight-errant book. Shop of food of a Jiangxi highlights characteristic of revolutionary bethel the Jinggang Mountains, the clerk wears red military uniform to play the part of, inn hall ana of cacique of revolution of 4 walls paste, the desk and chair is strip bench and old fashioned square table for eight people completely, filling those who put cooked food is sea bowl. Inn of a few meal is direct with " vogue " for the name, wait for bamboo, wistaria, calligraphy and painting, censer to be moved into balcony completely, build delicate, decorous repast atmosphere painstakingly.
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