Flow of work of morning shift of room Wu center
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Working hours: 8: 00——16: 00

Working content:

1, 7: The standard of appearance of appearance of hotel of strict comply with 45 minutes ago is worn register one's attendance at a meeting or at an office of office of room Wu center reachs after outfit;

2, with evening shift article member had done have sex, see hand over to the next shift be reached originally had joined special event, if have the inquiry on not clear horse;

3, article of check the amount (the key, lend content, wine water, sell goods on a commission basis article, bequeath article, notify sb of a phone call) reach an autograph to get a case, reach notify sb of a phone call get list of choose and employ persons to copy be searched with going to the lavatory on working arrangement watch;

4, the wholesome case that examines evening shift, white board on pertinent information is timely circumstance of file of newer, documentation, complain collect circumstance;

5, the special item that hand over to the next shift of follow-up evening shift comes down becomes evening shift place relevant forms for reporting statistics to send office manager department;

6, 8: Condition of 30 understanding room, to total stage the group that urge ask distributes room list, understanding books circumstance and floor, total stage to had done harmonious work, examine computer to go up at any time book a circumstance, do good floor and downstage connection and communication job;

7, 10: 30 assistance floor foreman checks room condition, if have room condition difference or special room state, fill in in time forms for reporting statistics of room condition difference, the newspaper is downstage old hall assistant manager checks an account;

8, had done borrow content to register, borrowing and remand the report with exact time is borrowing content to register this getting on, and had been done lend substance with urge matters concerned, will done with the member that urge result and middle shift article have sex, ask middle shift to continue follow-up alls alone time;

9, 11: 30 with 12: 00 for lunch time, cent approves repast;

10, 14: 00 before pay all bills receive silver to sign downstage affirm, make clear turn room or other matters concerned, bottom sheet keeps file;

11, 14: 00 hind receive floor to the clerk anounces DND room and call inquiry guest, make good record, enquire to after ending, ask guest to notice an usher, if encounter a room,nobody pick up the telephone to need to inform floor of the director and make good record;

12, assure everyday 11: 00 with 15: 00 hand project maintenance sheet in time to engineering department;

13, the other item that the superior that finish explains;

14, after arranging good office and desk, had done join a class, the examination has mix without the room condition that did not change not the item of follow-up, by the article of foreman and next order member sign rear can come off work.
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