The hotel enters Xiaochang knowledge
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1, hotel chummage is calculated with day, midday 12 when to noon tomorrow 12 when for a day; If need,the house is returned when even more, ask as downstage as the hotel connection;

2, the guest is in the hotel is downstage when Check In, need those who pay certain amount to press gold, outside be being expended except the room by gold, still need to hand in 100 -- 1000 yuan cash pledge, inspect the different provision of each hotel;

3, the guest's cash, negotiable securities or valuable, deposit please be in at receiving silver downstage or in the safe of guest room;

4, article of the freezer inside the room needs to pay fee, but tea bag and coffee package are free, the specific stage of some TV wants those who pay fee to notice please.

5, electric telephone bill, wash clothes, the room sends eat, massage wait for service spending to provide for oneself.

6, cherish the article inside the room please, if have,lose, the hotel has right seek redress.

7, forbidden carry explode weapon, easily, combustible, virulent and the radioactivity, stimulating, article that has peculiar smell enters a public house inside; Additional, pet also is forbidden belt enters a public house inside.

8, every hotel has different regulation, above makes reference only, specific provision asks you to be in the hotel is forward the hotel seeks advice downstage.