The development trend that hotel guest room serves
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Guest room green is changed

In advocate what can develop continuously today, found green restaurant to had become a kind of fashion, and the green of guest room is changed is among them main component. Accordingly, guest room is in what cotton goods places in the room of guest room and toilet to avoid normally wash remind card; Reduce the breed of the stranger things that is not most guest need and amount, if need these,remind a guest article can inform a guest of the room to the center is offerred at the same time; In toilet the use bath fluid, liquid alloter that washs hair fluid replaces traditional one-time container, reduce the pollution that one-time container causes to the environment; Guest room small freezer chooses the environmental protection product that draws type; The use that reduces one-time plastic articles for use is waited a moment.

Design person culture

The design of guest room pays attention to a person more experience, the incline to development at person culture direction. The position that is like socket more elaborate design, with the use of convenient guest; Seat general more pursuit intimacy, at least the wheel of due and convenient shift, on any account can adjust, in order to satisfy guest office and rest double need; Illuminative lamplight considers beautification environment already, the need that give attention to two or morethings is read and also works, have enough brightness to wait a moment. Additional, still consider the need of deformity guest, the floor area that reachs possibly in all deformity guest should trouble-free design, the likelihood needs use installation to answer but self-help is used, beardless other is helped, this also is reflecting the culture of a kind of society.

Type diversification

As the development of hotel industry, restaurant of a few far-sighted has begun to build his characteristic, and the type of guest room is its distinguish a at other hotel important facet, from this, make the trend that guest room type presents diversification to develop. Like business affairs guest room, conference guest room, recreational go vacationing between guest room, smokeless guest room, lady guest room, children guest room, disabled guest room, blind guest room, big bed, connect the room is waited a moment. Fall at the circumstance of diversification in incline to of guest room type, restaurant also formed his characteristic gradually, the guest on the fractionize market that endeavors to make him place peculiar is satisfactory.

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