Encounter when the service on communicate
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In April 2001 the western festival of the portion-----Paschal, this day is adjusted because of hotel festival price want rise house price, I call 1406 lodger person at that time, explain to its house price adjusts be related, the guest listens to developing me to be tongue-lashed with respect to, he thinks Easter is western festival, have nothing to do with the Chinese, increase price right now unjustifiable. Be clear that this moment holds to this kind of communication means to be able to be just the opposite to what one wished only in my heart, and I already was scolded so that some can't restrain by this guest, the excuse that I am lending ask for instructions superior ended courteously to communicate this with the guest. After half hour, I invite a guest actively to drink a cup of coffee to Western-style food hall. Sit when us after deciding, wine of guest a suit begins narrate angrily the truth that he thinks that he cannot increase price, I am listening dedicatedly, guide a guest to talk about him conciously from already, I understand a guest later is Lanzhou person, come to Zhuhai be away on official business those who settle an economy lawsuit. At the same time I still understand a guest not to smoke, but the tooth is quite black, estimation likes to drink tea, at this moment, I cancel a cup of coffee actively to change a cup of strong tea, say to the guest? Drink a cup of strong tea to be able to solve wine " , guest amazed ground says: "You how know I love to drink tea " ? ! I reply: "This need understands " .

Following thing is very great...

- - Zhuhai Luo Haizhou of manager of department of antechamber of triumphant Dick hotel

A director when just holding the post of a manager into duty special honesty, cautious and conscientious, because such, I and he cooperates to be communicated closely good, I discover this director seems to see of purpose after 3 months like, less than be being communicated before a lot of. Then I look for him to talk, the other side can say the person is very clinging, do not wish to tell never start to talk! Oneself are communicated further rear know, he says he and I lack tacit understanding on the job and train of thought is different, and he feels predecessor director is some more not bad. I did not say he lets citing of the other side say at that time, told probably at 2 o'clock the first: The manager before his proposal is adopted almost, and I am adopted rarely however. The 2nd: The work that does gets affirmation almost, and I am carried however 3 carry 4. Did I let him tell again later specific a few things is after one by one arrived once upon a time, analysed why? Told " again the cheese " that who moved me, understood eventually, later no matter we work go up or is tacit agreement more in spare life, he also became the one's right hand on my job!

- - Yao Qingquan of manager of department of Wu of room of Zhuhai drive hot spring

I tell to hear the story that come: A day, foreign nationality general manager makes the first work of daystart in the hotel---The public section of perambulatory hotel, the piano that discovers the hall is a little dirty. He has cried on the side the clerk Peno that doing cleanness, say "The Piano Is Dirty to him. Please Clean The Piano" , peno rises understood partial happen by chance, thinking is to want his "clean Peno(Piano)" . Although he feels puzzled oneself bathe every day, how to meet "dirty" , but dare not examine minutely general manager however, go back only more serious ground bathed. Who knows the following day general manager discovers the besmirch on piano again, call Peno again, ask him to clear as soon as possible. Peno water of a mist, what general manager always says unidentified Bai Wei oneself are dirty, the to oneself manager complaint that bellyful subdues. Passing a manager to confirm to general manager ability knows is a misunderstanding.
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