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The fruit vegetables that froze must not edible
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The fruit vegetables that froze must not edible

Winter weather is cold, vegetable of a lot of fruit is frozen bad in carriage road.

Nutrient expert reminds consumer choose and buy to notice when the fruit, nutrient value was lost to still can produce toxic material not only after fruit vegetables is frozen.

Be engaged in the pedlar introduction with old fruit wholesale vegetable according to, fruit vegetable sells to must give them the thick quilt heat preservation on the lid in in the winter, flavour can change after because have some of fruit vegetable,freezing. Whether be because this client society identifies fruit vegetable,frozen very crucial. After orange, orange froze, cuticular grease ooze eats the flesh of fruit, pulp sends suffering easily. The surface that the fruit froze is general nigrescent, after this kind of vegetable froze, skin meets tomato particularly bright, and thoroughly cook not easily.

Nutrient expert reminds say, after fruit vegetable suffers aspic, produce nitrite more easily, and the nitrite of edible excessive, can cause the symptom such as a painful, dizziness, disgusting, vomiting. New China