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The origin of British afternoon tea
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The Christian era of British Victoria times 1840, duchess of British Bei Defu installs graceful lady, every always wane to the close with respect to enthusiasm to afternoon, 100 without dull, the heart thinks right now the distance wears the dinner Party that writes heavy and complicated of formal, ceremony to still have paragraph of time, feel abdomen is a bit hungry again; asks amah to plan a few toast, butter and tea.

Ms. An Na invites a few intimate good friends to accompanying tea and delicate mug-up later, enjoy together relaxed and satisfied afternoon days, did not think of temporarily between, at that time the colourful inside aristocratic circle is fashion, scramble for sth of renown Yuan traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women; Arrive all the time today, peremptory already form a kind of elegant and comfortable afternoon tea culture, also become lineal " culture of British black tea " , this also is so called " Victoria afternoon tea " origin.

The tea service that just uses advanced, grace in the home at first will enjoy tea, later gradually the gregarious tea party that evolves to entertain friend happy get-together, derive all sorts of ceremony then, but the form already simplified now many. Although afternoon tea now already simplification, but the strong bubble kind with right tea, decoration that drinks tea wants elegant, big refreshments, what was regarded as to take tea this at 3 o'clock is traditional and afterwards follow on current hands down.

Build total Victoria type atmosphere:

In tradition of Victoria type afternoon tea, with the best room in the home (be like Solon) , reaching best china to welcome visitor is indispensable, and classy tea is tasted with delicate mug-up the classical music with the leading role rising and falling; that is afternoon tea comes foil, add relaxed and comfortable mood and intimate good friend to spend a grace, leisurely in all afternoon.

Lineal Ying Shiwei Duoliya the life culture connotation of afternoon tea:

England is in Victoria empress times (the Christian era 1837 ~ 1901) is the times with British the most powerful and prosperous empire, culture art develops flourishingly; The connotation that people is bent on courting artistic culture and delicate life are savoured.

Wei Duoli inferior afternoon tea is an integrated art, austere not miserable and shabby however, luxuriant not low however...

Although drink the time of tea and eating thing (point to pure flower type mug-up) it is lineal the one link with flower type the most important afternoon tea, but little good tea is tasted, magnetism implement, music, good even humor, drink afternoon tea to appear a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing.

The progress as the times and tea kind phyletic and various, not only the pattern of afternoon tea is much, the choice is much also, if use afternoon, come with close friend after Duan Wu about, why is not the thing of a find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.
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