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How does common fruit eat
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Nutrient immunology expert thinks, value of nutrition of fruity of avery kind of and officinal value each are not identical, if have fruit of edible of specific aim ground, can achieve alimentary effect. But if do not know oneself constitution and fruity property, take food undeserved, also meet " the fruit is ill " .

Fruit attribute notice

The fruit can be divided commonly for cold cool, tepid, pleasant makes the same score 3 kinds. Cold cool kind the fruit has mandarin orange, tangerine, water chestnut, water chest nut, banana, Xue Li, persimmon, watermelon to wait, the person with constitutional cold empty careful feed. Tepid kind the fruit has jujube, chestnut, peach, apricot, longan, litchi, grape, cherry, pomegranate, pineapple to wait, the person edible with hot and dry constitution wants right amount. Pleasant makes the same score kind of fruit to have a plum, plum, coconut, loquat, hawkthorn, apple, this kind of fruit is appropriate the person at all sorts of constitutions.

Cannot hollow draft fruit

Tomato, orange, hawkthorn, banana, almond cannot hollow eat. Because phenol of pectic, Hangzhou glue is contained in tomato, can allow sexual astringent to wait, if hollow eat, be united in wedlock with respect to meeting and photograph of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and make force of gastric internal pressure elevatory cause bilge painful; The tan that persimmon place contains condenses to be formed with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice character " persimmon stone " , the person that has gall-stone, kidney stone at the same time eats persimmon to also want discreet, lest bring about illness aggravation; Many candy cent and organic acid are contained in orange, hollow a generation stomach that feed bilge, haw is acerbity; Hawkthorn taste is sour, hollow a generation stomach that feed is medium noisy ache even like be hungry; The Potassium in banana, magnesian content is higher, hollow eat banana, make the magnesium in blood is measured lift and produce inhibition to the heart and vessels; Apricot cannot hollow eat, also cannot eating the meat kind with starch food hind eats, this causes confused of gastric bowel function likely.

Acidity fruit is unfavorable eat more

Acidity fruit is like Yang Mei, plum to wait, contains acidity material is oxidized not easily to decompose, bring about easily acid slants inside body, should not be much commonly eat; Tannic acid is contained in acidity fruit, eat meeting and protein together with choice seafood caky, inside path of precipitation Yu Chang, cause diarrhoea of vomiting, bellyacke and indigestion; And the acidity in the fruit stimulates gastric mucous membrane together jointly with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, cankerous ill patient is unfavorable also eat acidity fruit; At the same time costive person also should eat acidity fruit less, lest accentuate constipation.

How does common fruit eat

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