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How to calculate the key of the operating costs that plans a hotel
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How to calculate the operating costs of plan period hotel, decide the key of hotel operating costs

The operating costs of the hotel, the characteristic according to the industry is to show the direct cost of meal is mixed already made work of commodity purchase the value.

The meal cost in the plan of the hotel, it is a basis already certain meal income and anticipate achieved cost leads computation to come out.

= of plan meal cost plans X of meal sales revenue to book cost rate

The sales revenue of meal, when the work out runs a plan, affirmatory already, meal cost rate also is to decide beforehand. When affirmatory meal cost is led, must make cost leads a level to accord with the class of the hotel and market level. Also say commonly, the class of the hotel is high, the cost rate of meal is low, in cheap public house, the cost of cafeteria drink criterion cannot too low. The level of the market, basically be point to consumer accept a level or the consumption level of consumer. The consumption level of consumer is high, the cost rate of meal is OK a few lower.

The commodity of the hotel plans to sell cost, also be a basis already certain merchandise sales revenue and commodity are entered sell price difference rate to come calculative. Its computation formula is:

X (1 of sales revenue of merchandise of plan of = of cost of plan commodity sale, into sell price difference rate)

The commodity of the sale of the hotel basically is arts and crafts is tasted, dress of high school archives and other are high-grade things. The hotel because cost is high so of commodity into sell price difference to answer prep above is general shop.