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Ministry of hotel finance affairs worked 2006 train of thought
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2006, it is XX big public house finishs an enterprise to change the key that make one year in the round, in this one the moment of truth, be prepared for danger in times of safety of hotel leading group, unitive enterprising, development innovation, put forward to found " affection full XX, comfortable home " brand strategy, of the development that is a hotel and economic benefits rise opened new breach. To answer this one call actively, enhance the competition ability of the enterprise, raise the economic benefits of the enterprise ceaselessly, develop financial department adequately " chamberlain conduct financial transactions " action, we had had something made to order, do fine, do new the following job: :

One, catch good employee to groom the job, make every employee is on business hard, morally of on-the-job course of study has bigger, newer rise, main method is:

1, staff of door of serious organization cadre enters a public house actively the theme of each phase grooms, take an active part in other department groom and learn.

2, the organization is very weekly the centralized study of personnel of midday tiring-room finance affairs and every months of at least one receiving are silver-colored a centralized study, learn business, learn policy, result is summarized in study, look for difference.

3, begin skill to compare connecting with the boxing skill, we will begin a series of skill such as the race of match of reckoning by the abacus, speed of checkout receiving silver, match that order paper money, mandarin match to compare connecting with the boxing skill this year.

2, had done work of daily and financial base, ensure the hotel manages the job to run normally, our main job job is:

1, do well the collection of capital and apply, ensure capital safety is complete. The knot outside be being caught mainly, catch Qing Dynasty to owe, quicken capital steam again, rate of steam again of capital of the knot outside ensuring is 95% above.

2, abide accounting system strictly, press strictly " accounting method " undertake business accounting, had done work of audit receiving silver strictly. Had woven in time by the month of all kinds forms for reporting statistics, do well monthly analysis.

4, had done the harmonious work between departmental door actively, accomplish have when anything crops up discuss, occupied not shuffle.

5, the relation that does well actively to wait for function branch with Wu of finance, duty, bank, strive their the largest support to the hotel.

3, strengthen financial management, strive to there is new breakthrough on cost cost management, main measure has:

1, discipline of earnest finance and economics, hold to a pen to examine and approve a system, strengthen cost cost control, perfect each management system ceaselessly, achieve large expenses according to plan, small expenditure has control.
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