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Restaurant controller should take the control of public facilities cost seriousl
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Each person of hotel industry understands their management cycle clearly. Control 10 every years almost, hotel industry can enter a winter, meet next know exactly about sth year anabiosis time, final ability can see prosperity again. Accordingly, restaurant controller often undertakes in time control and be adjustmented, manage brought influence and concussion in order to get used to exterior element to restaurant.

Nevertheless, have a such exterior factors, restaurant controller appears and did not give too much attention, the control to this one element and adjusting also is minimal, this is public facilities cost. Although a lot of restaurant bring into managing the sources of energy,run policy in, but their public facilities price to dominant of local municipal department does not have what consequence almost however. When public facilities cost rises ceaselessly, restaurant must assume the influence that brings from this and concussion.

To analyse restaurant trend of public facilities cost and they are how to affect American hotel industry, we reached the United States during 2003 pair 1990 data undertook an analysis related hotel industry. Analytic result lets us discover, the increase and decrease of public facilities cost also has a relatively apparent total cycle time: Almost every 3 years, its cost can have relative to bigger addition, perhaps begin smoothly what can hold period of time next to glide.

Fixed costs and alterable cost

In the consciousness of operator of great majority restaurant, the cost of public facilities is fixed greatly, do not suffer the effect of portfolio. Local municipal department commands the price of public facilities, restaurant adopts measure as far as possible to reduce the expenditure of this respect, to those not the energy demand that the guest room of work off and communal space keep lowermost limit only.

Although restaurant is public,facilities cost shows a kind of fixed state morely, but substantial its go situation already almost the income with restaurant is synchronous. The analysis considers to discover, come from 1990 by 2003, american restaurant is public the expenditure of establishment with annual the extent of 2.5% grows, and the increase rate of contemporaneity restaurant gross earnings is 2.7% . As a result of both the growth range between is almost same, restaurant is public facilities cost is maintained all the time in the proportion in gross income in 3.5% to 4.5% between. This makes clear, restaurant controller is OK, also had maintained the increase and decrease of the control of energy cost and income in a kind of balanced condition.

The opportunity is everything

To American restaurant, the cost of public facilities is in restaurant 1993, 1996 and was in highest value 2000. Fortunately, these " highest value " happen in industry be consideringed as to anabiosis (1993) the best period that perhaps manages (1996 and 2000) . Accordingly, look from the history, the improvement of income slow down public facilities cost rises brought negative effect considerably.
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