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Beijing restaurant is energy-saving decrease a platoon 6 small are changed with
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A few days ago energy-saving decrease a platoon to arouse on the meeting, chief expresses related city tourism bureau, bath dew, wash the things such as hair fluid conditional can replace pyxis to install with big container.

City tourism bureau suggests, the cotton goods that uses inside guest room of hotel of each star class, through seeking the guest's opinion, decrease as far as possible change and catharsis frequency.

One-time things should be accomplished can not put what can not put, restaurant offers the articles for use that impersonal person needs not actively, if the guest needs to be able to be asked for to restaurant; Tooth brush, slipper as far as possible color separation is placed; There still is the rest articles for use after the guest is used before today, when sweeping guest room the following day, do not close, add by however new.