Gent of addiction of guest room clean lives inn
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One calls Si Mi the American of department. Rate of its clean addiction reachs the stage of extremely simply, but ministry of guest room of hotel of Beijing king government office makes this clean addiction gentleman spotless however. This case involves: Serve to the guest's individuation

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Can lodge to restaurant of Beijing king government office. It is rich of course or posted guest. And the person that mixed eccentricity theres is no lack of in these people. Restaurant of king government office has a frequenter. It is the clean addiction gent with restaurant well-known fluctuation. The restaurant of king government office that enjoys high reputation all over the world can gain the favour of guest of China and foreign countries. Because restaurant can provide individual character service in the light of the special demand of every guest,be. And the convention that individual character service needs to be familiar with every guest, disposition, devotional, hobby, disposition, because this must build detailed settle or live in a strange place history archives. This inn guest history have in archives so: Gentleman of Si Mi department. American California san Francisco person. 45 years old. The hobby is clean. Often live 408 rooms... once. Antechamber ministry receives Si Mi to manage the gentleman books the fax of the room. He will at next week 2 arrive at Beijing. Then, guest room ministry begins to prepare to welcome the job instantly. This American guest comes to Beijing live in restaurant of king government office every time, already had 10 take second place early or late much. Inside guest room ministry almost every clerk knows he is healthful to cleanness exacting. When recieving him so special caution. For fear that has a bit offend him to get angry carelessly. In Si Mi department gentleman arrives before two days, floor clerk begins to rise busily. Everybody knows. Color of this guest dialogue is having distinct preference, the cloth inside the room must all of one suit is white. Room of the.408 in these two days welcomes other visitor no longer, curtain, towel, bath towel, bedgown... change completely white. The face of sofa is not white. How to do? Restaurant early Si is him technically custom-built lily slipcover, the world of a white became inside the room right now. Brunet carpet and all round a white formed apparent contrast. Guest room ministry alled over Beijing city to buy white carpet to ever went. Did not find unexpectedly. Allegedly. Go to the remotest corners of the earth difficult to find white carpet. A clerk offers to buy a thick calico to include carpet, this opinion gets leading approbate. Come so, from the top down gets 408 houses in vain impeccable. Si Mi manages the gentleman knows very well restaurant of king government office respects his this one eccentricity extremely, his hair will book a fax to hope the hotel can be some earlier namely by " convention " preparation. Even so. He steps into 408 rooms or be immediately by leg of house part, bedside, table careful careful examination rises. Look of gentleman of Si Mi department must not have a naked eye in the room but the dust of differentiate. Also must not have a hair. He is in all around the ability after be being looked carefully at one time agrees to sit down on sofa. The room formulate that guest room ministry still is him clean a system specially: Increase broom several times everyday, and must the face before him. The manager allocates the the most attentive, most responsible clerk to 408 rooms, slipcover, curtain, antependium must change everyday. His private article nots allow to make other feeling or move place absolutely... Si Mi manages the gentleman says. He has lived in abroad a lot of restaurant. Service quality cannot be compared with look of restaurant of king government office. Without special slipcover, just overspread with a calico just, also do not have special clerk. Clean groovily only...
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