The development trend that hotel guest room serves
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As the aggravate that hotel industry competes, restaurant pays attention to the contented degree of guest demand and the control to locomotive cost increasingly. And discover to the further investigation of customer demand, restaurant offers guest place expects to get comparative to serve to be not with stranger things partly. Accordingly, the hardware establishment of projects of pair of customer service Wu that a lot of restaurant begin to adjust restaurant, offerred stranger things variety and guest room. It is the development trend that hotel industry serves a field in guest room below.

The project is rich change

Guest room serves a purpose to establish consider already and not class of class of bureau be confined to, star the demarcate that wait, however the actual condition of the demand of mature guest and restaurant, make serve the goal that project incline to changes at abounding. Even if same kind of service project, also form the service characteristic of this restaurant hard. Be like a few restaurant that are located in the beauty spot with beautiful environment, considering inconvenience of guest pass in and out, little reading room is established to live in order to abound the evening of a few Xi Jing's guests in floor area. It is service of guest room small public house together, because recieve a guest to differ, some restaurant put snacks kind the food that give priority to, and some restaurant put the snack face food that can let guest satiety. This a variety of different make project of guest room service tends the requirement that abound and can satisfy a guest more.

Service individuation

Standardization, program is changed and assure basically serving is hotel service quality of standardization. But, have standardization only, and the service that does not have individuation is not perfect, it is the requirement that cannot satisfy a guest truly quite, make a guest completely satisfactory. Accordingly, compete in hotel industry intense with each passing day today, personalized service has made the advantageous step that competes between restaurant, make the big trend of the service. Guest room serves especially such. Serve to offer individuation, obtain the guest's faithfulness, guest room builds perfect settle or live in a strange place normally history archives, adjust the regulations of the service and level ceaselessly according to the change of guest demand. If offer the restaurant that nocturnal bed serves to want to be able to assure to open that piece of favorite bed for the guest, put the goods such as the fruit that the guest loves, tea. Importune all guests to read same share newspaper no longer, however basis guest history archives puts what the guest loves to look into guest room.

Establishment intelligence is changed

As the arrival of high-tech times, guest, especially guest of a few business affairs, raised taller requirement to all sorts of establishment of restaurant, the way that the establishment that prompts guest room changes towards intelligence develops. If system of guest room key uses intelligent IC to block key system, it is system of inductive door lock, dactylogram door lock even; The automation system inside guest room, use inductor is controlled, the person shines into the lamp, the person goes the lamp to destroy etc. Still have advanced communication system, can go up the interface of broadband net, e guest room and can offer a guest to consume a circumstance in restaurant, book the mess inside the room, commodity that order, anthology see a movie the TV system that waits information a moment.
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