Large public house orders pacify river festival of lanterns explode full
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Yesterday is the festival of lanterns, our city citizen books a banquet to the hotel in succession. Reporter from the our city understanding of each big public house arrives, the late banquet of the festival of lanterns books a circumstance this year hot, international big public house, Yang Zijiang big public house, 100 fill the late banquet that waits for large public house to order a rate to all be achieved 100% , medium or small the hotel orders a rate to also achieve 70% above.

The late banquet of international big public house is advanced the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the day is ordered full, a few citizens do not order late banquet, can choose luncheon only. The balcony of Yang Zijiang big public house is booked two days ago one sky, the hall at be being ordered yesterday morning full, fervent degree exceeded the Valentine's Day even. Of prairie big public house ordered a rate to exceed 80% , keep balance originally with Valentine's Day time base.

International introduces staff member of big public house is young weeks to the reporter, this year of banquet of home of festival of lanterns book shifted to an earlier date than in former years not only, and the number that order meal is more than in former years also. The reporter notices, compare with photograph of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year, on banquet of home of festival of lanterns, major cafeteria " did not play tricks " , both neither is pushed multifarious " formula " , also not demarcate lowest consumption, let consumer be at ease consumption.