Jian Xin estate Lazi linear style garden in Southeast Asia dominate Xiangtan
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It is understood that construction of Xincheng. The international community was built by the Hong Kong Xin (Group) together to create joint companies. Please describe the project under the planning and design in the development and what features?
Lin: Building Xincheng. The international community is an urban complex, we have an urban complex in the original format which would not have them introduced to the project. Complex in the city which, in addition to covering hotels, office buildings, business, supermarkets, department stores and residential section, we also introduce the corresponding item are professional stores, such as home, furnishings, building materials, system integration, set in the city's comprehensive Among the body.

Reporter: I understand your project's unique characteristics of the landscape in Southeast Asia just to meet the linear style of the city to pursue and build on the garden, please describe to us specifically, linear style of your garden project in Southeast Asia is how a concept?

LIN: The entire project of which the landscape system, we are inspected by more than a year, including to Southeast Asia, such as Nepal, Singapore, the Southeast Asian countries, to know, to depth, to feel their culture, architecture and construction Among the landscape configuration. Main urban complex of the project, in order to better, fine to create a project landscape elements, we have introduced three themes, Koh Samui, Bali, Genting, the three places have extremely rich landscape and cultural factors are very famous in the world. We build a linear landscape, and strive to achieve the project can see the view of each apartment, and each scene is very special, the owners will not see repeat of view, this is the origin of linear landscape.

Reporter: Why did you do to market development, Xiangtan, Xiangtan what point did your company attract project?

Lin: Hong Kong Building and Xin (Group) in Fujian, Guangxi, Guizhou, has real estate projects, was chosen for development of Xiangtan in Hunan, we believe that great hometown to do projects, will help us to better development. Among the company's strategic development, Xiangtan is the middle of the layout of the central region is an important Lazi, five-year strategic development of the company to put on the agenda, and we can fancy, Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan City Cluster Development opportunity.

Reporter: Please tell us the total forest, your real estate transactions in Xiangtan project what incentives Expo?

Lin: Fair in this room, we project to the Housing Fair will be a better show to the public, show concern for our owners, we deliberately took out in the Housing Fair to do some of the new units , and show more sincerity and better profit to the consumers, we set eight heavy discount, which in the eight re-offers, concessions worth up to 2 million yuan this year, product and made a product made before completely different concepts, with a further escalation, but also introduces some of which are not currently in Xiangtan city had some of the facilities that we first introduced the central city of three-dimensional paintings, the general public can come to the scene experience.

Reporter: The real estate market in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan in a price depression can be said, here would like to ask about the total forest, Xiangtan you how to understand the development prospects of the real estate market?

Lin: I think the real estate industry, Xiangtan walk in a relatively smooth process of development, no ups and downs, the development order, and related industries that depend on the government department in charge of operation, this is the first. Second, the cities in the Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan in the real estate industry, the level of development there is still much room for improvement, this one in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan I think that the development would be more stable, the city is not much room so-called real estate bubble, real estate is a smooth development.

Reporter: I would like to ask the total forest, Xiangtan prices on the problem, you think that 9.29 will not make the New Deal housing prices Xiangtan it? Will generate the kind of impact?

Lin Zhi: I think the relevant policies more conducive to market development, after all, the real estate industry is a pillar industry in China, how the development of orderly and stable development of the primary work of the Government, in this, government policies will of course certain adjustments, or some constraints, I think there is a real estate development Xiangtan space.