Talk: How to select system of meal management software
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As informatization technology gain ground increasingly, meal such traditional industry also more and more business that use IT to manage his. Because at present the meal on the market manages software to still be in,let a hundred flowers blossom, the phase of contention of a hundred schools of thought, boss of meal industry majority is opposite to IT technology knowledge not much, the product with face cross-eye confused flower, face the service acceptance that vow solemnly, how to choose to serve from product quality, technology no matter, the meal management system that suits oneself truly to each respects such as price value, it is a not small challenge really.

When at present meal boss is choosing meal software, pass commonly the following 3 kinds of means, it is the acquaintance in carrying a trade, friend, companionate introduction, 2 be compare a choice through be in the software vendor that comes actively to promote, 3 it is to if the introduction on Internet, of all kinds professional media and advertisement will undertake choosing,pass of all kinds media. But, as a result of

Meal software and the diversity that meal runs state of course of study of systematic complexity, meal, and the reason such as the characteristic of the expectation of meal company boss and employee quality, make meal boss is not the meal management system that finds very easily to suit his, not be the partner that finds a satisfactory meal informatization field very easily.

Above all, on the level of the concept, we emphasize should not not be a center with the product, and should be a center with the client's demand.

At present the vendor of most meal software on the market, the not self-conscious still product that develops with oneself is a center, market oneself product to meal company, and no matter whether oneself product is right this meal company. We think, meal industry condition has Chinese food bar of snack of Western-style and prandial, prandial, Chinese style, Western-style snack, recreational teahouse, coffee, outside outside sending, sell, group chain, different meal industry condition, meal business flow has very big distinction, the function that place of software of natural meal management needs greatly different; Still have, if meal company is in different development level, although meal industry condition is same, to meal management the requirement of software also can show very big otherness, for instance, some dining-room still are in the primary level of development, to meal management the requirement of software just stays in automatic processing business to flow, for instance computer closes to be printed silver-coloredly, automatically send a kitchen to wait; Have the control of storehouse of some of the hutch after the company has asked to undertake and cost, because this is right,tiring-room storehouse and cost management raise corresponding requirement; Still a few companies develop need to consume data to undertake an analysis to managing data, client, will adjust with this, the direction of management that compose constructs dining room and management policy. Accordingly, meal company choice is right oneself software system, the need that needs to whether suit oneself to this product above all makes a basic judgement, is not to rely on software provider ego to promote merely, so, often with respect to need professional meal informatization seeks advice from company or meal informatization expert to provide science, objective, just advisory guidance.
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