Restaurant manages 5 kinds of commonly used methods
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If you want to do " manager " should be familiar with use neatly below the following 5 kinds of methods; If you are " manager " whether offer 6 laws, 7 laws, 8 ways... of course, person of the same trades want to know you most " distinctive " be successful law!

Below certain condition, restaurant management is deciding management effect. Restaurant wants to be expert in making money, manage a method with respect to what must have a science. Basic method of management is OK and wraparound it is the following kinds:

● expresses sheet management method

Express sheet management method, be made through expressing single design namely and deliver processing, will control restaurant business to manage a kind of method of the activity. The key that expresses sheet management method is the watch that designs a science to perfect monomer is. The watch sheet of restaurant can divide commonly it is 3 kinds big:

The first kind is all sorts of business statements that upper section issues to inferior branch;

The 2nd kind is the business watch sheet that information passes between departmental door;

The 3rd kind is inferior all sorts of forms for reporting statistics to upper section present.

The management that express sheet must follow the principle of sex of practical, accuracy, economy, effectiveness for a given period of time, be in the following 5 respects make a specific provision:

It is the sort that expresses sheet and amount, the business that should reflect restaurant in the round already runs an activity, want simple palpability again, write the newspaper analysis, 2 property that are watch sheet easily, attribute business statement already, it is working forms for reporting statistics, 3 it is delivered program, namely the branch is delivered to what, how to deliver.

4 it is time requirement, set namely when to deliver, pass needs time, the 5 processing techniques that are the data that express sheet.

The controller of restaurant, must learn to use watch sheet to dominate the business activity of restaurant, if pass an inspection, read all sorts of jobs to forms for reporting statistics will master and supervise and urge the job of subordinate, through reading, the management activity that the analysis does business to forms for reporting statistics will understand and control restaurant,

● ration administers a law

Ration administers a law, carry the research that concerns to governing object amount namely, the rule that follows its to measure is qualitative, use quantitative impact to have the management activity of methodological restaurant of management, want to make be thrown less as far as possible, obtain as far as possible much significant gain, should have qualitative demand not only and must want to have quantitative analysis, no matter be quality standard, still be capital is applied, handling of goods and personnel organization, all answer know exactly about sth measures a level. Should say, apply mensurable method engineering to run an activity, have accurate and reliable, economy commonly practical, can reflect the advantage such as essence.
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