South Beach Hotel restaurant to enjoy seafood dinner in Silicon Valley
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Silicon Valley restaurant in Shenzhen, Nanshan District, New South Road South Beach Hotel [13.30 -0.45%] on the second floor, ornate, elegant style. Beautifully produced a rich, providing a variety of Western food, drinks. Makes a wonderful blend of music into a dreamlike state. Weekend Seafood Buffet Dinner 68 yuan / place, lively atmosphere, friendly service with delicious hot food, seafood buffet dinner will be the weekend to the boiling point of burning heat; gentle darling, sweet moment, warm dishes with warm, attentive service, fine wines will be in Silicon Valley Western sublimation temperature slowly. Zhizhou every Friday night seafood buffet dinner in Silicon Valley Western, not only have a qualitative flavor the United States of Norwegian salmon, oysters and other kinds of seafood, as well as constantly updated regularly launch characteristics of refined country style cuisine, desserts. Hundreds of gourmet cuisine with you to your adventure, accompany you through a romantic night. Recently, the Silicon Valley, the restaurant launched a new economic package on weekdays, 28 yuan each. There are many elaborate salad, fruit, desserts, cakes, drinks provided, but also the balance of Western and Chinese ten staple main course and choice, accompanied by chef cooked Chinese and Western-style soup, a tired one " Summer "a different kind of taste for people to enjoy the change and value. To facilitate the ordering of the companies and organizations, Silicon Valley restaurant prepared in advance, ranging from 68-200 yuan buffet dinner menu to our customers. Warm, elegant environment combined with warm and attentive service will make people have fun and go.